FPO Geomembranes

FPO Geomembranes have been approved by various Public and Private Authorities and Consultants both locally and internationally such as the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, PROKON, MACE Group, AECOM, HEERIM ARCHITECTS, HILL INT’L etc.

Having an estimated economic life time of more than 50 years, with an enourmous resistance to aging, FPO Geomembranes have been widely used in various important projects by multi millions of m2 in Europe, Asia, Far East, South America, Middle East, etc markets with much success.

Harbiye Congress Center Roof IsolationFPO Geomembranes are usually applied by mechanical fastening and seam welding method in flat roof waterproofing and by loose laying and seam welding method in foundation, terrace, pond, etc waterproofing . Unlike bitumen membranes, FPO Geomembranes are applied by a single layer and the seams are welded by automatic hot welding machines in a homogeneous way. The welded seams can be tested by pressure using a manometer. After all the tests are performed, the application is handed over to the control of the client.

The reinforcement used in the production of Polyfin® FPO Geomembranes is glass fleece . Glass fleece is a very flexible reinforcement which can show high elongation properties when subject to load. This way it does not have a negative effect of the tensile strength and elongation properties of the FPO Geomembrane, fully adopts and elongates together with the material homogeneously. The reinforcement is used in the middle of the geomembrane and the same very high class raw material is used in the production both above and below the reinforcement layer.

FPO geomembrane system can be easily installed and is ideal for both new construction projects and also refurbishment of existing buildings. To provide for various type of applications, Polyfin® is available in different thicknesses (1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm), has glass fleece reinforcement in the middle and an alternative of a special fleece backing. The enormous flexibility of Polyfin® membranes is one of the biggest advantages. Due to extremely high elongation value, they adjust to multiple weathering and surface conditions. Long durability provides an outstanding cost/performance ratio.

The selection of colors allows flexibility of design for Polyfin® . Consultants and architects now have the selection possibility of alternative colors to put onto the roof. Polyfin® can be used very successfully on all types of flat roofing, including lightweight roofs and roofs with limited foot traffic. This includes industrial buildings, retail shopping centers, sports facilities, administrative and office buildings, underground car parks, apartments, hotels, schools, etc. These PVC-free FPO membranes can also be used in potable water areas.

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The advantages of Polyfin® FPO Geomembranes

  • Fully homogeneous structure with glass fleece in the middle
  • Applied in single layers
  • Fully environmental and ecological friendly material (contains no plasticizers, softeners, PVC, additives, heavy metals, and toxic gas); meets the LEED criterias and has EPD certificates
  • High tear, puncture and tensile resistance
  • High dimensional stability in even severe temperature changes
  • High root and rhizome resistance (FLL certified)
  • For the loose laid applications, minimum application risk as applied by automatic welding machines with double seam method ; welded seams can be tested by pressure (2 bars pressure for 2 minutes)
  • Due to the property of the certain types of the material that it can be fully bonded to fresh cast concrete, there is no requirement for protective screed/concrete layer on the membrane
  • Resistance to sea water
  • High resistance to sparks
  • High thermal stress resistance
  • Application possibility in potable/drinking water storage areas (certified by related authority)
  • Application possibility in all weather conditions including snow and wet surfaces
  • Possibility of welding old applied geomembrane with the new geomembrane
  • High resistance to solar radiation, UV and ozone
  • Possibility of direct contact with XPS, EPS, PUR, bitumen based materials without the need of any separation layers; can be applied directly on old/existing bitumen membranes
  • High resistance to wide range of chemicals and acids
  • High resistance against aging, the material does not loose properties during the economic life of the structure
  • Wide variety of color selections
  • CE Certified
  • Continuous waterproofing of the system by the usage of a wide range of FPO accessories
  • Warranty of the materials are supported by International Insurance up to 20 years