Below Ground Parking Lots

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Due to the lack of proper planning and enormous growth of the cities, concrete and asphalt have unfortunately replaced our green areas and ruined our environment. The high rise buildings standing out in almost every neighborhood have been blocking the air circulation which has caused serious air pollution problems. With the increase in the population, the water usage has also increased both in the residential and also in the industrial areas . Due to the lack of the soil layer which would hold the precipitation, the sewage systems –facing more discharge than their capacity- have failed which than caused floods in many cities. Considering these facts, people have than thought to regain the green areas 'on the concrete' or 'asphalt' which had replaced them . In the recent years, most of the new constructed below ground parking lots are planned to have roof gardens – green roofs as the top surface. The vegetation and plantation systems used on these roofs require water permanently, so even in the dry weather conditions, there is continuous irrigation on these roofs which make waterproofing even more important.

ECB and FPO Geomembrane systems have proved their performance world wide in the below ground parking lot waterproofing works with their long economic lives, very high aging resistant characteristics and root & rhizome resistant properties.

Below Ground Parking Lot Waterproofing

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ECB and FPO Geomembranes are applied in single layers by loose laying and seam welding method for the waterproofing of the below ground parking lot roofs. OC-Plan® ECB or Polyfin® FPO Geomembrane roll is loosely layed on the prepared concrete surface; than the second roll is loosely laid near the first geomembrane roll with an overlapping of 10 cm. The overlapped part is welded with double seam method using an automatic hot welding machine. The double seam is tested for 2 min applying 2 bar pressure using a manometer. The application continues by laying heat insulation panels, geotextiles, etc. on the geomembrane system. Both OC-Plan® ECB and Polyfin® FPO Geomembranes have root and rhizome resistance so a separate root resistant protective layer is not required in the applications.

The perimeter fixing of the below ground parking lot waterproofing must be done on the parapets with a minimum of 10 cm above the finish layer of the roof application. The perimeter fixings are applied using aluminum profiles, special screws, PU or similar sealants.

NOTE : OC-Plan® ECB and Polyfin® FPO Geomembrane systems have special ECB and FPO accessories. These are internal and external corners, roof ventilators, roof outlets, water outlets, emergency water outlets, sealing sleeves, cable feeds, ECB/FPO laminated metal sheets, etc. and are applied using hand welding machines to the geomembranes.