Ponds & Irrigation Channels

Kiptas Sular Vadisi ProjectIn the waterproofing applications of ponds and irrigation channels there are some important issues to be considered. First of all for both ponds and irrigation channels, there will be an amount of water loss because of evaporation which will cause the water level to decrease slightly. But if there is not a successful waterproofing layer in these constructions, there will be a serious amount of water loss and the water level will decrease significantly. Water is precious and very valuable; so is storing it. In certain regions, the loss of the stored water in ponds or irrigation channels will have a serious affect on the economy of the region. The economic life of the waterproofing system must be as long as the service life of the construction. Low quality materials with relatively less initial cost must strongly be avoided.

OC-Plan® ECB Geomembrane and Polyfin® FPO Geomembrane systems have proved their performance world wide in the pond and irrigation channel waterproofing works of various types of projects they were used with their long economic lives and very high aging resistant characteristics.

Ponds & Irrigation Channels Waterproofing

Kiptas Sular Vadisi ProjectOC-Plan® ECB and Polyfin® FPO Geomembranes are applied in single layers by loose laying and seam welding method for the waterproofing of the ponds and irrigation channels. First a geotextile layer of 200-300 gr/m2 is loosely laid on the plain concrete. Following the geotextile application, the geomembrane roll is loosely laid on the geotextile layer, than the second roll is loosely laid near the first geomembrane roll with an overlapping of 10 cm. The overlapped part is welded with double seam method using an automatic hot welding machine. The double seam is tested for 2 min applying 2 bar pressure using a manometer and a visual test is performed on the signal foil (if present). The need for usage of the geotextiles above the geomembrane is decided according to the surface and site conditions.

In the applications of pond and irrigation channel waterproofing, the fixings are usually done in the anchorage tranches which are excavated along the perimeter of the ponds and irrigation channels without the need of any mechanical fastening system.

Didim Fish Farm In the recent years there have been many investments for fish production ponds in Turkey. The waterproofing application of these fish production ponds are similar to standard pond waterproofing. But the choice of the geomembrane is extremely important for the fish production ponds as the fish eggs are placed in these ponds and any material which will have a negative effect on their growth must be eliminated/avoided. The raw material and even the selection of the colour for the geomembrane is extremely important in these applications. Our company has been providing the right, practical and economical solutions to the investors with our experience and know-how for many years.

NOTE : OC-Plan® ECB and Polyfin® FPO Geomembrane systems have special ECB and FPO accessories. These are internal and external corners, roof ventilators, roof outlets, water outlets, emergency water outlets, sealing sleeves, cable feeds, ECB and FPO laminated metal sheets, etc. and are applied using hand welding machines to the geomembranes.