Terrace Roofs

Waterproofing is the second major criteria in the construction following the structural works. Water and moisture may cause corrosion and carbonation of the steel used in the reinforced concrete system which carries a vital risk for the structure. The best way of protecting the structure is the waterproofing of the construction. The economic life of the waterproofing system must be as long as the service life of the construction. Low quality materials with relatively less initial cost must strongly be avoided in the terrace waterproofing applications.

OC-Plan® ECB Geomembrane and Polyfin® FPO Geomembrane systems have proved their performance world wide in the terrace waterproofing works of various types of projects they were used since the mid 1960's with their long economic lives and very high aging resistant characteristics.

Terrace Roof Waterproofing

Before starting the waterproofing works, it is important to check that the drainage and gully system is placed in the right areas and are working properly

OC-Plan® ECB and Polyfin® FPO Geomembranes are applied in single layers by loose laying and seam welding method for the waterproofing of the terraces. First a geotextile layer of 200-300 gr/m2 is loosely laid on the plain concrete. Following the geotextile application, the geomembrane roll is loosely laid on the prepared concrete surface; than the second roll is loosely laid near the first geomembrane roll with an overlapping of 10 cm. The overlapped part is welded with double seam method using an automatic hot welding machine. The double seam is tested for 2 min applying 2 bar pressure using a manometer and a visual test is performed on the signal foil if present. The need for usage of the geotextiles below the geomembrane is decided according to the surface and site conditions. ECB Geomembrane application will be followed by the application of heat insulation panels, drainage sheets, protective concrete layer or ballast according to the detail of the project.

The perimeter fixing of the terrace waterproofing must be done on the parapets with a minimum of 10 cm above the finish layer of the roof application. The perimeter fixings are applied using aluminum profiles, special screws, PU or similar sealants.

OC-Plan® ECB and Polyfin® FPO Geomembrane systems have special ECB and FPO accessories. These are internal and external corners, roof ventilators, roof outlets, water outlets, emergency water outlets, sealing sleeves, cable feeds, ECB and FPO laminated metal sheets, etc. and are applied using hand welding machines to the geomembranes.